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The Best Jewelry Design Schools in the USA

There are many things to consider when selecting the best jewelry design school. The first thing people consider is cost. If there are not a lot of scholarships available, some schools can become quite costly. Below is a list of some of the best jewelry design schools in the United States. While there may be others out there, these schools have been known for their excellence.

The State University of New York is known for great jewelry design. They average over 460,000 students in various fields. They offer tuition assistance programs, and many campuses for all kinds of fields. Many students choose this university when going into jewelry design, but they do offer many different art and design programs that you can choose from.

Book Worm School Lady Jewelry

Book Worm School Lady Jewelry

Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI is a large school that focuses on art and design. It is one of the oldest and well known colleges, founded in 1877. They average about 2300 students every year, and offer 19 different programs.

Another popular choice is the California College of the Arts, located in San Francisco, CA. They offer two campuses, one in San Francisco, and the other in Oakland. They also offer many different programs in design, writing and fine art. This gives you more options for learning once you are in the college.

The University of Wisconsin in Madison is another popular choice for jewelry and design. They have a ton of scholarships and grants, making it more affordable to attend college. They offer many degrees and pathways you can follow.

San Diego State University, or SDSU, is another college who offers great design programs. They offer many financial aid assistance programs, just like other larger universities. They are known for their size, as well as extracurricular activities.

School Bus Earrings

School Bus Earrings

Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, MI is a popular choice as well. Some of the most renowned designers and artists have come from this school. If you have a strong desire for art and design, this is surely the school you will want to check out. It was founded over a 100 years ago, and has been built up since then.

Temple University in Elkins Park, PA is another popular choice for all kinds of fields in art and design. They were founded in 1884, and they also have international campuses. They do offer some financial aid if you need it. They are known for their great educational programs.

The Rochester Institute of Technology is another choice for design. Some find it quite difficult to get into this school, as they have high admissions standards. They do offer tuition and financial aid to those who qualify, but put a strong emphasis on education. They also offer hands on training while in school, which can help jump start your career.

This is just a small portion of the schools in the United States that are known for jewelry design. Before selecting a school you will want to consider the cost of tuition, and what the admissions guidelines are. Some private colleges are a lot harder to get into versus a state university. You can still get a great education at either kind of place.

When considering schools it is sometimes best to ask around. You may find that touring different campuses can be beneficial so that you can meet with the professors and find out what campus you may feel more comfortable at. Other things to consider are where you are going to live, if far away from your home. You may need to stay in the dorms, or find a nearby apartment while you study.

Necklace Wave Jewelry Design

Necklace Wave Jewelry Design

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