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The Top 10 Canadian Jewelry Designers – Popular and New Canadian Jewelry Designers

There are many popular Canadian jewelry designers that are quite popular. They have been known for their unique jewelry designs and creativity. Most of their work can be found in jewelry stores, boutiques, and even online. Some of these Canadian jewelry designers even create one of a kind piece for celebrities and special occasions. From fun and funky to the most elegant, they have really created it all.

1. Niki Kavakonis
Niki Kavakonis is known for her architectural style. She studied art and architecture in college, and brought her knowledge to her jewelry pieces. She is quite famous for her “tip of the iceberg” ring. Her jewelry pieces are quite elegant. The designs that Niki creates are all one of a kind.

Niki Kavakonis Jewelry

Niki Kavakonis Jewelry

2. Amadena
The name Amadena means a fine cut diamond, and that is what you can expect from this Canadian jewelry designer. They do offer both loose diamonds, as well as ones designed in settings to purchase. If you are looking for a beautiful diamond, whether lose or in a setting, you may want to check them out.

3. Danielle Stirling
Danielle Stirling works with Elle Jule Jewelry to show off her beautiful and unique pieces. She actually specializes in custom designs, but does sell ready to purchase designs. They can be purchased online, or even in stores.

4. Reena Ahluwalia
Reena Ahluwalia is a Canadian jewelry designer based out of Toronto. She has a passion for diamonds. Reena has also been given a number of awards for her designs. Her jewelry designs have been known to have a lot of movement. They also can be found in many boutiques.

5. John Hardy
The Jewelry from John Hardy is a luxury brand and is all handmade designer jewelry and accessories for your lifestyle. The company was founded by John Hardy in 1989 and has many offices around the world. The headquarters for John Hardy is in Hong Kong and has an office in Bali and New York.

John Hardy Jewelry

John Hardy Jewelry

6. Disengo Jewelry
Disegno makes sold gold 18K rings and sterling silver bangles. The company is specialized in making 18K gold custom jewelry. Bienvenue a Disegno has a Gemological degree from the Gemological institute of America along with jewelry design.

7. Jessie Turner
Jessie Turner began to design jewelry in 1998, specializing in contemporary gold and silver pieces. She got an education in jewelry art and design in Vancouver, and since them she has won a number of design awards.

8. Laura Marshall
Laura Marshall Designs is owned and operated by Laura Marshall. Her jewelry pieces are known to be art, and that it uplifts the soul and decorates the body. She has a love for art and fashion. It is easy to see her inspiration, as she loves to travel and has created pieces by her surroundings.

9. Shelly Purdy
Shelly Purdy was formed in 1991 in the downtown Toronto. Shelly Purdy creates many quality gold and platinum pieces. Shelly Purdy has a quality about your pieces that is unmistakable. The quality of her work is outstanding. If you are looking for elegant pieces, she sure has a lot to offer.

10. Stoned Originals
Stone Originals jewelry designer is Terri Michael. She is a fantastic jewelry designer that is based out of Toronto Canada. She has created all styles of jewelry pieces, from classic pieces and even fun and funky ones. She has been creating all kinds of jewelry pieces since the 1970’s. The quality of her work is absolutely outstanding.

Diamond Canada Maple Leaf Brooch

Diamond Canada Maple Leaf Brooch

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