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Noor Fares

Designer jewelries are getting more and more popular today. A lot of people, including celebrities, are using jewelries from collections made by famous designers. In this generation where the trend is getting the latest designs and designer labels, individuals ought to buy things that most people follow. Regardless of what the age is, people enjoy the idea of following a certain trend when it comes to designer jewelries.


It would be a bit hard to keep on track when it comes to the latest trends. The secret to being and staying updated with the latest creations of jewelry designers is by searching the internet. Since the internet provides almost all the information needed by anyone, an individual will surely find the right piece of jewelry.

The Designer

Noor Fares is a Lebanese jewelry designer who creates structural flow and mystical patterns for her collection. The designs are inspired by the Middle East’s exoticism which makes her works extremely unique. Her works are also inspired by the things she loves, her studies, and all the travels she has done. The materials she use ranges from diamonds to rubies, and white gold to ebony. Most of the collection embodies ancient icons. One of her signature designs is known as the eye which symbolizes good luck in the eastern.


The 27-year old designer gained strong popularity because of her fresh designs. She grew up and studied in Paris, she know stays in London to study about design and gemology. Her designs are also inspired by isosceles, cubes, tetrahedrons, and triangles which depict a more graphical style.The design is then infused with her passion for the sacred talisman.This geometrical designis made together with festive colors.

Even though she was raised in Paris, both her parents are Lebanese that is why she loves to showcase her heritage from the Middle East. All of the jewelries are hand crafted in Hong Kong, Italy, and Germany. She believes that her designs are the way to express her voice. Because of pursuing her MA studies in London, she was able to push more when it comes to designing her works.