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Scott Kay about Knowing Your Worth and not Settling for Anything less

Scott Kay is named as one of the best designers for luxury jewelries. Most of his designs are delicately and intricately made for engagements and weddings, he has some collections that are to definitely must see and must have. His motto is “Never Compromise”. A motto, in which was also incorporated as his personal and work ethic in which he also applies in delivering designs to his customers.

He is motivated with the thought of delivering high quality and exquisitely designed rings and accessories to personalities who know that they deserve nothing less than great quality rings and accessories.



Among his wondrous creations, he also created several sculptures that are both symbolic and delicately designed to deliver a message or a thought that he wants to convey.

  • Protecting the Cross. Scott Kay has a very high regard to faith. That it is a positive force that someone believes in and must be shared in order to strengthen it. The inspiration of this sculpture is to provide a reminder and inspiration about what the cross symbolizes and what it signifies. This was specifically crafted with the men and women who are up for protecting the principles of their beliefs and faith, the meaning and significance of faith in their lives as well as the sacrifices that they are willing to make to keep the faith alive.


  • The Guardian. A strong symbolization of a striking message “never letting go”. It depicts the two arms intertwined in a hold that is also termed as “grasp of life”. Scott Kay has strong feelings about this creation because it also represents his personal feelings about him as a guardian and that he is willing to keep his word of honor.


  • Heaven’s gate. A breathtaking design for a beautiful engagement ring. It vows eternal protection and honor as well as symbolize the faith of looking ahead for a bright, loving and better future.


  • Die Trying. A ring with the daredevils and trailblazers in mind who are up with the challenge to keep trying and get things done.


These are just some of his rare creations that are truly captivating and exquisitely made.