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Delfina Delettrez

When looking for new jewelry, what any woman wants is something that calls out to her, gives her the sense of who she is and who she could be, with a beautiful gold piece around her neck or arm or finger. In many countries, when women get married or dress up, they think of the times when their mothers or grandmothers dressed up and try to incorporate beautiful elements into their own image.









Delfina Delettrez, the genetic winner of the jewelry designing lottery, fourth in the Fendi family, has gotten her inspiration from watching her grandmother and mother dress up. She recalls observing her grandmother would wear a particular necklace or a set made of gold and how those things would transform her lovely grandmother into a chic goddess. The intention behind her jewelry line is to make pieces that allow the wearer to experience tradition and storied handed down from generation to generation.

One of the most amazing things about Delfina’s designs is the “floating” sensation created by the “phantom way” of design she employs to make her jewelry. This way of designing jewelry employed by her is because she likes to explore movement in her pieces. Her designs are elegantly playful and are often in the form of witty objects like eyeballs and shirt collars made of precious metals, jewels that look like colored candy, together with big funky pearls.  One of her many whimsical pieces include a brooch which looks like a skull with a slug coming out of it. It is hard to imagine how a person can give jewelry such a modern and urbane touch and still keep it delicately beautiful.

One of the ultimate compliments that have been bestowed upon Delfina was that Madonna wore her jewelry on the cover of one of her albums. Her exquisite pieces are available at select stores including Colette, Dover Street Market, and many other prestigious boutiques. The starting price is $135 and so on. Beyoncé, Ginevra Elkann, and Alba Rohrwacher are only some of the big names from Hollywood who love to wear Delfina’s haute couture designs.