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Catherine Best

Catherine Best was brought up in Guernsey where she grew up crafting wood in her father’s workshop. This experience built an urge and passion that went ahead and made her create one of the world’s renowned jewelry brands with magnificent craftsmanship.

Catherine began her work after returning home from college then she started creating her pieces of jewelry. Craft fairs are where Catherine began her trading while in the process of building up devoted clientele. During this time, she moved into the old Mil in Guernsey. This is where her creations are housed as well as being the family home.

Catherine has specialized in the making of the following artifacts and jewelry:

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  • Earrings – this is a blend of style sophistication and most importantly luxurious. The blend that is created by an earring completes any outfit, and the most important aspect of the design is that the earrings are handcrafted by the most talented jewelers.
  • Necklace – the hand crafted pieces have been infused with emotions, beauty, and passion that characterize the skill in Catherine best and her team of jewelers.a7-3 a7-4
  • Wedding and engagement – the Catherine best collection design offers a variety of wedding and engagement jewelry such as rings. These jewels have been made with love and romance to suit the occasion.a7-5
  • Brooches, bangles, and bracelets – have been uniquely been crafted with some of the most elegant precious stones as well as some of the world’s most precious captivating materials such as gem stones. The designs are made to complete an outfit either during the day or during the night.
  • Sculptures – these are some of the most amazing pieces of work from Catherine, they include; domestic animals, hares figurative, country walk, and nature trail.
  • Pendants – A pendant that is made with diamond that is known to be the hardest element in the world is made with great craftsmanship and seeks to symbolize the diamond in it as an unbreakable bond.

The great quality of work by Catherine Best and her associates has seen her get the membership as a fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths, prestigious to those who practice high standard of craftsmanship. The major milestone that she has covered is a revelation of the way hard work and commitment pays.