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Touran Reddaway Jewelry Designer

Born to an Iranian mother and British father, Touran was brought up to appreciate and respect different cultures and customs. From early on, Touran had two strong passions: history and beautiful jewellery. Having lived in both Iran and Turkey, she was soon fascinated by their culture and ancient treasures.

Touran began designing and making her own jewellery from a very early age. She graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in European history with French and Spanish and immediately set up Firouzeh.

Jewelry By Touran Reddaway

Jewelry By Touran Reddaway

Through Firouzeh, Touran hopes to bring to a wider audience a side of Iranian and Byzantine culture which is often forgotten in the current turmoil of the region; the rich history, creativity and art which she loves.

Meet Touran Reddaway, the latest up and coming jewellery designer to take residency in our Leblas boutique. The British designer born to an Iranian mother and a British father, has drawn on the beauty of the finest Byzantine and Persian treasures to create the Firouzeh range – a collection of handmade 18-carat gold jewellery that combines symbolic forms from old customs and beliefs with a modern collection of exquisite designs.

Jewellery Designer – Touran Reddaway
Firouzeh is already gaining a steady fan base with none other than British Prime Minister, David Cameron buying various pieces of the collection for his wife Samantha Cameron, including the beautiful ‘Byzantine Angel’ pendant which Samantha was photographed wearing.

‘Byzantine Angel’ from the Firouzeh Collection

Samantha Cameron wearing the ‘Byzantine Angel’ pendant.
The Firouzeh collection is now available to purchase at the Leblas boutique so be sure to drop in and check it out!

Website: Touran Reddaway