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Shaun Leane Jewelry Designer

Celebrated world-wide for his modern romantic jewels that push the boundaries of contemporary design, Shaun Leane began his career training at the bench in London’s jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden. This grounding enabled him to break entrenched traditions, play with conventions and bring a fresh dynamic spirit to exquisitely crafted, fine jewellery. While working as a goldsmith, Leane began a long-standing collaboration with the late Alexander McQueen, creating provocative catwalk jewels that have become iconic milestones in the art of couture jewellery. This high-profile collaboration acted as a catalyst to Leane’s burgeoning desire to blend technical perfection with creative freedom, and in 1999 he launched the first collections of Shaun Leane Jewellery.

Since then, Leane has been responsible for creating a new genre of jewellery; precious, poetic, with a sense of eternity, yet relevant to today’s world. The powerful, emotive and often poignant beauty of Shaun Leane jewellery is underlined with sentiment, stories and meaning, tapping into the history and heritage of jewellery.

Alongside his award-winning collections, Shaun Leane has worked on one-of-a-kind projects and collaborations with, amongst others, artist Sam Taylor-Wood, Givenchy and Parisian master jeweller Boucheron. His work has been displayed in renowned galleries and museums around the world. Shaun Leane has been named U.K. Jewellery Designer of the Year, on four occasions, and his jewels described by Sotheby’s as “antiques of the future.” As his themes, inspirations and impeccable hand-crafting skills are continually evolving, liberating creativity, so Shaun Leane Jewellery is evolving from an individual artist-jeweller into one of the world’s most exciting and trailblazing luxury jewellery houses.

Rings By Shaun Leane

Rings By Shaun Leane


Inspired by the poignant romance of a classic Oscar Wilde tale the men’s Nightingale collection is a bittersweet story.

Key designs include the seal rings fashioned into the shape of shields in substantial solid silver. Engraved with either the motif of the nightingale or the rose the ring is painted in blood red, antique black or opalescent enamel animating the image underneath. Escapula necklaces bear the same motifs on pendants which are either side of a single piece of chain. This captivating men’s silver jewellery collection is a veiled glimpse at the darker side of romance.

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