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Cherry Blossom Collection by Jewelry Designer Shaun Leane


Cherry Blossom Collection By Shaun Leane

Cherry Blossom Collection By Shaun Leane

An award winning collection, the Cherry Blossom range takes inspiration from one of Japan’s oldest tales. According to legend, the dazzling white and crimson flowers were believed to be from seeds sprinkled by a goddess from the clouds of Fuji Mountain.

Magical and elegant, the Cherry Blossom collection in oxidised silver and gold features delicate floral motifs with a soft palette of colours that captures the beauty of this enchanting flower.

Enamelled flower jewellery designs sit on delicate branches which wrap gracefully around the finger, while bold enamel cuffs have buckles inspired by Japanese antique lacquer works.

To learn more about this gold bracelet, visit Shaun Leane.