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Satellite of Love Round Ring by Jewelry Designer Disengo

Like the Oval Satellite of Love, this was originally designed as a creative way to use up some left-over accent diamonds from the re-design of Jen L.’s jewellery. Thought it worked so well, I decided to do it with orange and pink sapphires set in white 18k gold. Very hot! Other gems can be set — including diamonds, what an engagement that’d be! — contact me for details and pricing.

Satellite of Love Round Ring By Disegno

Satellite of Love Round Ring By Disegno

About Disegno

Welcome to Disegno Jewellery – Bienvenue à Bijoux Disegno

Pamela Coulston

Nous parlons français ici chez Disegno. Veuilliez nous contacter pour l’information et l’aide en français.

Disegno is pronounced “dis-en-nyo” and simply means ‘design’ in Italian.
As with the design of all consumer items – such as fashion, home décor, and vehicles – there is nothing more disappointing than something that looks good on the rack or in a photo, but to the touch is rough, cheap, tinny, in-substantial. Ah, but when the touch exceeds expectations!

I believe jewellery is not just a visual pleasure but a tactile one as well. Pieces are not meant just to be seen, but to be felt. As such, one of the greatest features of my jewellery, besides original designs, is the quantity of gold and sterling I use. I love handing a ring, like the vertebrae ring, the riveted square ring, or the 6mm solid wire bangle to a client and hear her exclaim, “Wow! Feel the weight!” The rings are solid not hollowed out from underneath, bangles and keepers are solid metal not hollow wire: if it looks big, it’ll feel big.

Because I’m so convinced you’ll be happy with the metal weight I’ve added a section in Numbers that’ll give you the equivalent weight in coins. For example, the 6mm hammered open bangle in solid sterling silver weighs about 60 grams – that’s the weight equivalent of about eight Canadian loonies and two dimes, or almost ten US quarters and a nickel, or a full eight Euros.

I also like designing pieces that are wonderful to caress, to play with, or to fiddle with like a worry stone, like the plumb bob pendant and the new double-sided rings Fat Orbit, Doppio Vaso, Front Loading and After Eight. Clean lines with features not just on the top side of the hand but on the palm side as well.

I’m a jewellery design graduate and Accredited Jewellery Professional from the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, one of the world’s foremost jewellery design/manufacturing and gemological schools. Disegno was launched in 1992 and my jewellery is now found in public and private galleries, museums, exclusive cruise ships and various shops and other venues in Canada, the United States, and Europe. The Canadian Governor General’s residence, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the Canadian Coast Guard and numerous private collectors have commissioned me to create custom pieces (see Custom Designing under Fine Lines for more information).

My other, first career is as a consultant in international development working with such agencies as UNICEF, the Canadian International Development Agency, the World Water Council and others since 1984.

When I can get away, I am also a freelance writer for periodicals and major Canadian newspapers (see Dispatches). I travel to remote areas and write on subjects as diverse as the Rwandan genocide sites, the rare Spirit Bear found only in a wilderness area of the Canadian Pacific coast, a high-Arctic kayak expedition to circumnavigate Bylot Island, of which I was one of only two members, the Peruvian Amazon and Andes and the Peruvian Paso horse, the Canadian Coast Guard’s Arctic mandate and trekking in the high Himalayas of the tiny Buddhist monarchy Bhutan.

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by Pamela Coulston
I appreciate your interest in my jewellery.


Pamela Coulston

To learn more about this ring, visit Disengo.