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Necklaces by Jewelry Designer Stoned Originals

While we like to think that all of our designs are extraordinary, some pieces stand out just a little more than the others and this one definitely falls into that category! Our south sea shell pearls are 14mm wide x 14mm in length and have a beautiful bronze hue to them. We’ve paired them up with the most exquisite smoky taupe and pale peach Swarovski crystals. Sterling silver drops and brushed silver triangles add an interesting dimension to the piece and we’ve suspended all of it from our magnificent large link sterling chain. The links on the chain are 14mm wide. Sensational! Toggle clasp.
Length: 19” Cannot be lengthened.

Pearl Necklace By Stoned Originals

Pearl Necklace By Stoned Originals

charity support…
Terri Michael has always felt it was important to give back to the community, so a percentage of year-round sales in 8 major Canadian and U.S. cities goes to a local women’s shelter. In Toronto, Terri is proud to support The Redwood which offers women escaping abusive relationships a safe and caring environment and provides them with a new start and hope for the future.

This gives Terri’s customers a unique opportunity to indulge in fabulous fashion-forward jewelry, while knowing that a portion of the money will stay in their city and go to a local women’s shelter for the crucial support it offers. See our charity support page for more info.

mission statement…
We strive to create, design and provide beautiful, high-quality jewelry that can be enjoyed for years to come.

help for guys

have her create her own wish list…

If you’re looking for a gift for the woman in your life, you’ve come to the right place! Women love jewelry. The tricky part, is finding a piece of jewelry that you know she’ll love. Taste is subjective and it’s frustrating when you think you know someone’s taste, and then realize that after giving her that carefully chosen gift….you’ve never seen her wear it. That’s where we come in.

The first step is finding out if the woman you’re buying for is registered in our Wish List program. She may have already chosen pieces that she would like to have. If so, your job will be an extremely easy one! Just click on the link at the left side of your screen that says “Wish List”. Then under “Find your friend’s Wish List” type in and submit her email address. If she’s not registered, you have two ways to go…you could suggest to her that if she registers a Wish List with us, you and others could shop for her gifts, knowing exactly what she likes. Or if you would rather have the jewelry item be a complete surprise, here are some ideas that may help you narrow down the choice.

no wish list? no problem! what’s her style…

Our Stoned Originals line has both classic, conservative styles of jewelry as well as funky, fun pieces, so the first thing for you to do is think about the woman’s style – is she generally conservative or a little outrageous?

size matters…

When she’s wearing jewelry, are the pieces small & delicate, or big & bold?

gold or silver…

Does she wear only gold or silver jewelry or does she wear both?
closet secrets…

If you know her favourite colour, you can’t go wrong with a piece that incorporates that colour in its overall look. If you’re not sure what that colour is, take a peek in her closet if you can and note the ones she chooses most often. Does she favor neutrals or pastels or is she into bright colours? Pick a Stoned Originals piece that fits perfectly with her wardrobe, and you know she’ll be thrilled. Just the fact that you bothered to check should impress her!

don’t be afraid to ask…

Once you have the answers to these questions, you should be able to make an informed choice. But, if you still feel you need more help, you might consider getting a second opinion by another woman she’s very close to…maybe her sister, or best friend, or mother. You might tell them about the few pieces you’re considering and ask them what they think she’d like best. The great thing about having our full catalogue on the website, is that they can do it from the comfort of their homes.

presentation is key…

However you choose that perfect piece of jewelry to give her, remember that women often have an emotional connection to jewelry. If you present it to her in an unexpected way, or in a romantic setting, it will give her that special connection to the item that can make all the difference. You’ll be creating a moment that she’ll always remember. To that end, we have beautiful jewelry gift boxes on our site to add that little sparkle of added excitement, and we offer gift-wrapping for free.

Good luck!


P.S. Don’t forget that most items on our website have matching pieces. If you purchase a necklace as a gift and she loves it, you might want to come back and get the matching earrings to put aside for the next occasion. Or purchase it…just because…

Fresh, funky and gleaming…..words that describe this piece to perfection! Here you see 8 burgundy leather strands with 8 pearlized white leather strands that have been embellished with 8 gleaming sterling silver tubes for a very cool look! Tubes can be staggered along the leather strands, or worn close together at the front. Slide clasp.
Length of shortest strands, 17”. Length of longest strands, 18”

Sterling Silver Necklace By Terri Michael of Stoned Originals

Sterling Silver Necklace By Terri Michael of Stoned Originals

jewelry care

While dirt and residue can be cleaned with a little mild dishwashing liquid and warm water, it’s very difficult to remove tarnish without harming the semi-precious stones and pearls. On gold items, you also risk removing some of the gold plating, so it’s best to remove your jewelry when bathing or washing dishes.

Since the best protection is preventative, each piece of jewelry we ship comes in an airtight, zippered anti-tarnish baggy which protects your gold and silver jewelry from scratches and tarnish. Your item should always be stored in that baggy to keep it looking its best.

If you are using your own plain baggies to store jewelry, you may want to purchase Hagerty’s anti-tarnish strips. Just place a strip in the baggy with the blank side touching your jewelry and the printed side against the baggy. It will be effective for approximately 6 months. If you keep your jewelry items in the baggies when you’re not wearing them, they’ll look amazing for YEARS!!!

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