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Large Inukshuk Necklace Pendant by Jewelry Designer Disengo

Excited about the Olympics and fascinated with the inukshuk image you’re now seeing a lot of? The inukshuk is the official mascot of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada. Disegno has been making inukshuk jewellery for the last fifteen years, albeit a relative nano-second to the centuries inuksuit (plural) have graced the Arctic. The inukshuk is the stone icon of the Inuit, particularly those of the eastern Arctic. ‘Inukshuk’ means ‘in the capacity of a man’, in that it could be used to mark a site (a grave, food cache, spiritual site, etc), give direction or perform any task a person otherwise would. They are of various shapes from a single, small pinnacle stone to an elaborate multi-rock cairn, each with their own particular name. The shape of the inukshuk seen here is an ‘inunguak’ meaning ‘in the shape or form of a man’. Size: approximately 1.5″/4 cm high, including the bail (loop) at the top; spread of “arms” approximately 0.75″/2 cm. (See also the mini and medium inukshuk).

Inukshuk Pendant By Disegno

Inukshuk Pendant By Disegno

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