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Coco Chanel Jewelry Designer

CHANEL jewelry is crafted in the greatest tradition of French jewelry. Each piece is unique and pays homage to this incomparable expertise.

The precision of the techniques of exceptional craftsmen ensure perfect, constantly controlled quality.

Coco Chanel Jewlery

Coco Chanel Jewlery

The constant search for flexibility, mobility and comfort perpetuates the idea of freedom that has always inspired Mademoiselle’s creations.

CHANEL gives the greatest importance to the quality of its stones, pearls and precious metals.

Their beauty and rarity are ensured by a precise and exacting search undertaken by expert gemologists.

CHANEL uses only the most sought-after stones and pearls of the most distinguished origin, and accepts nothing less than perfection.

CHANEL encourages respect for strict ethical standards in terms of sourcing.

Each diamond sold in a CHANEL Fine Jewelry boutique comes from legal sources, in full compliance with the certification system of the Kimberley Process, as defined by the United Nations.

A member of the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council), CHANEL Fine Jewelry abides by responsible practices and undertakes to promote them throughout the diamond and gold jewelry industry production chain, from the mine to the point of sale, with the aim of preserving customer confidence.

Coco Chanel Gemstone Ring

Coco Chanel Gemstone Ring

CHANEL Fine Jewelry creations are inspired by the boldness expressed in the first CHANEL jewelry collection back in 1932, and by the dominant themes that symbolize the brand’s identity.

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