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Necklaces by Jewelry Designer Dominique Demoniere

Dominique DEMONIERE is a jewelry designer and fashion accessories costume, spirit Baroque
in a high fashion style.

The company offers a collection of jewelry, hats, fans, head ornaments, decorative items boudoir, baroque masks, accessories, bags, purses, mirrors, bags, perfume bottles … all media a refined world that the creative shapes in his Paris studio.

Necklaces By Dominique Demoniere

Necklaces By Dominique Demoniere

All pieces are unique and are sold in art galleries, chic boutiques and women love jewelry and unusual. Fetish material of the collection: The Swarovski crystal, feathers, lace from Calais, the beads Bohemian Czech Republic, pearl buttons, gold thread and silver thread embroidery on silk, coral and resin, semi-precious stones …

The world of creative borrowing is sensuality, humor and elegance, dreams, drama and high fashion.

Dominique DEMONIERE works in France and abroad with:

cinema, theater
photographers, stylists and costume designers
art galleries
the design shops

The designer welcomes you by appointment in Paris 20th for orders custom-made, personally or professionally.

To learn more about these necklaces, visit Dominique Demoniere.