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Mauboussin Jewelry Designer


The artisan jeweler M. Rocher founds his jewelry shop and it bloomed with the collaboration of Jean-Baptiste Noury.


Expositions Universelles (World Fairs) in Vienna and Paris. Both Exhibits participate to the solid recognition of French jewelry and are key to the prestige of the House – Mauboussin is offered a medal in 1878 in Paris.


The Grand Prix awarded by the jury to the House of Mauboussin during the « Exposition des Arts Décoratifs » in Paris is a justified recognition of its achievement and active role in a modern movement whose artistic unity touched all the decorative arts. Mauboussin captures the aesthetic and emotional dimension of the Art Deco movement with magnificent pieces created in the 1920’s.

Etoile, Etoile de Vie Ring (Diamonds, Mother of Pearl) By Mauboussin

Etoile, Etoile de Vie Ring (Diamonds, Mother of Pearl) By Mauboussin


Mauboussin organized 3 exhibitions with 3 different themes:
– 1928 emerald
– 1930 ruby
– 1931 diamond

The trio of exhibits confirms Mauboussin’s reputation for innovation and its particular expertise in the realm of colored stones. This stands true to this day.


The 1940’s and 1950’s assert the style of the House. The war made gold scarce and jewelers used ingenuity to make beautiful pieces while masking their penury working in hollowed or “gas-pipe” style. The 1950’s see the arrival of Naturalist themes, and works that feature a sense of movement and dynamism.

Paulette Goddard’s bracelet – 1939
Paulette Goddard, Charlie Chaplin’s wife, did not get the role of Scarlett in “Gone with the wind”. To console her, Chaplin presented her with this yellow gold bracelet with floral motifs in cabochon emeralds and diamond pave.

Mauboussin opens a boutique with display windows giving onto place Vendôme and offers a range of elegant, high-quality jewelry in a more moderate price range.

Bonbon Rose Ring (18K White Gold, Pink Sapphire, Black Lacquer, Diamonds) By Mauboussin

Bonbon Rose Ring (18K White Gold, Pink Sapphire, Black Lacquer, Diamonds) By Mauboussin


A wind of anti-conformism views and social protest sweeps across the West. In jewelry, as in other fields, the creative pursuit tends toward excess, disproportion and asymmetry.


Creativity focuses on the contrast between light and shadow. Shapes are crafted to suggest sensations. The 1980’s clientele is narcissistic and hypersensitive to the personal “look”.

Mauboussin creates jewels in rounded shapes, closed in on itself – which corresponds to the individualism of the era.

Designs often feature mother-of-pearl, as in the “NaDia” ring, one of the great designs of the period.

Watch-making also starts in the 1980’s.


Creation of the « Olympe » ring. The origins of this ring reach back to Classical architecture. The proportions are carefully designed to accompany the volume of the stone, and its type of cut (oval, pear, square or emerald), in accordance with the ancient canons of balance and beauty.

The ring is part of Mauboussin’s, Eternelles collection, in homage to precious stones..


Creation of the « Peace Colors » rings. A very trendy collection. It is a fashionable jewel, baroque, and a real work of art, designed to glorify color and gaiety. Peace Colors display six different tones: aqua-marine, tourmaline, green beryl, Morganite, citrine and amethyst. The center stones are 13cts, and are majestically hemmed with sapphires of unusual hues, in a magnificent play of iridescence. The setting adopts the emblematic design of the triangle, a symbol of the Divine.


Mauboussin launches the new engagement ring « Dream & Love. This Model has a resolutely creative design that gives women the opportunity to adopt an engagement jewel in a more modern spirit, and not simply to conform to tradition.


The now famous Chance of Love jewelry line marked a new evolution towards the Mauboussin dedication to the modern and independent women. In 2007, this jewel was chosen to be the first ever piece of jewelry advertised on French television networks.


This year is a milestone year in many ways. It is the first year of activity for the Champs Elysees boutique on the mythical Parisian avenue. This is also the year of the first openings in Le Printemps
nationwide. Since then, many more shop-in-shops opened around France.

In the same 2007 year, there was a complete shift of Mauboussin’s international distribution policy with the buyback of all their Asian distributors.


marks the opening of the first American Flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York. 2008 is also the year of the launching of accessories like pens, sunglasses, leather crafts, with an extremely subtle and extremely Mauboussin design.


2009 is the year of conquest for Mauboussin whose interest turns to Asia. In June, the Flagship store in Japan opens in the mythical Ginza district. The now famous Diamond promotion shook grounds on Ginza by offering a 0.10cts to the first 5,000 customers. Mauboussin also inaugurated the boutique in Singapore on Orchard Road, December 2009.


Mauboussin launches the incredible new watch Amour, le Jour se Lève…in stainless steel, mother-of-pearl and diamonds while introducing the new Muse : French actress Elsa Zylberstein.

Many more Mauboussin boutiques and shop-in-shops also open in France in 2010.

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