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Dominique Demoniere Jewelry Designer

Born in the Caribbean 36 years ago, I left my island home early with my parents so that they follow their careers in France.

So I grew up in France and my parents always insisted that we made my sister and I regularly travel to our beautiful island of Martinique to keep our roots, our traditions, and maintain the “double” culture. The elegance of my island as Aimé Césaire and emphasizes the beauty of the Creole woman embodies my mother will be my first influences.

Dominique Demoniere Jewelry

Dominique Demoniere Jewelry

I was always fascinated by fashion and the many facets art it offers. Petite, I already loved my dress. I was making beaded jewelry and selling them to my classmates. Later, in adolescence, I was making my clothes, I “customized”. I still need to add things, sewing, gluing, embroidering, making what I was wearing one, not only for me but also to differentiate fun, fun to make the garment as in the theater or cinema .

This taste of the show turned out in my first fashion show as a young model, at the age of 14 years enrolled in an agency with a friend, we have participated in numerous fashion shows and photo shoots so we allowed to work, to admire the cloth, and to understand the passion of the designers, to observe the assembly and construction of collections, the clash of colors and the language of the dress across cultures.

Other influences come mainly from me countless genre films that I watched with my mother. She even very cinematic, we spent the whole weekend watching movies Western, karate, romantic movies, epic movies, drama, horror films, fantasy films, Japanese films, color, black and white … these images remain in my memory and will shape much of my inspiration and my passion for theater and image.

At 18, after writing my tank Literature and Languages, passionate about art and religions, I decided to direct my studies towards a BTS Tourism which will allow me to practice three foreign languages ​​fluently, another of my many passions (the English, Spanish, German). This degree will open me the doors to many Travel (Thailand, Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia, United States, …) and then I will exercise in turn, trades of travel agents, guide, interpreter and companion of groups in parallel I get my license Tourism, with a major in art history. This openness to the world lead me to create collections based on cross pendants on the theme of the story. It will be a nod to my future jewelry collection. One day during a cruise in Egypt as a guide, I had the opportunity to meet a designer luxuries for Guy Degrenne, who offered me a collaboration: attracted by the ornaments I wore each night on the boat, I ordered a custom collection for its customers: the launch of my first jewelry collection was born.

Have I been trained by a school in the future? Not really, I followed my instincts, my desire, my passion: I am self taught and I learned that from books, observing the world around me, museums, peoples, civilizations, Travel and taste of others, the desire to make beautiful, perhaps in the utopia of a better world.

My influences? Cozy interiors with Baroque churches, with the unsettling mystery of the Madonnas of Hitchcock film actresses, movies vampire chandeliers from Venice, velvet costumes of Spanish warriors in lingerie petticoats Girls joys of westerns. ..

After creating several collections, the press is interested in my work (Amina, Nouvel Observateur, 20 Minutes, Sense of Fashion …). My perseverance and word of mouth of my loyal client (s) will do the rest: friends, artists, passionate singers, rockers, TV presenters, gothic, fashion, cabaret dancers, actresses, lace fans, and pretty women Baroque men, young girls and older women … all sources of inspiration! Later, I met Christian Lacroix encourages me in my way and offered me a joint collaboration.

Dominique Demoniere Jewelry Styles

Dominique Demoniere Jewelry Styles

I then created my own company name and since I am invited to participate in exhibitions of designers, I was selected for the exhibition of ready-to-be First Class in 2003 and the international exhibition of jewelry and the fashion accessory Bijorhca Eclat de Mode in 2008, both the essentials of fashion in Paris. My collections are sold worldwide in stores looking for unique pieces.

My jewelry is people want movies or theater whose main theme is the Haute Couture: they are time travel. That’s why my designs are made of heterogeneous materials, without castes: the crystal alongside the plastic pen dancing with ribbons, lace with s’acoquinent shells, resins play with precious stones … jewelry against boredom!

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