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Choosing the Right Pearl Jewelry

If your lady loves pearls, it’s important to know how to choose the best quality pearls. This way you will be able to purchase her the pearls she loves at the highest quality possible. There are several factors that pearls are graded on; these include luster, shape, nacre, blemishes and matching. It is also important to know which size she would like the best. If she is small and dainty, you might try to match the pears to her figure, if you know her favorite color, you might try to match it in a pearl.

First of all you might want to know a little more about pearls themselves. Pearls are made by mollusks with shells in the oceans, seas or freshwater. Many of the most common mollusks that make pearls include oysters, clams and mussels. Nacre, an organic material, builds up and layers over time creating a beautiful pearl. A pearl can take up to 4 years to develop and the number of pearls each mollusk can make depends on its life-span. From one little tiny grain of sand, a beautiful pearl is made and is a perfect gift for a mother, wife, girlfriend, sister or any wonderful woman in your life!

Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Pearl and Diamond Earrings

There are many basic colors of pearls; these include white, golden, gray, cream, blue, green, pink and black. There are also some pearls with overtones which include two or more colors overlaying each other and giving off a different color in a different light. When a woman picks pearls for herself she will normally base her selection on her skin tone or her favorite color.

This is the most important entity when grading a pearl. Luster basically refers to the reflection of light that comes off of the layers of nacre. When a pearl gives off a lot of light reflection, the luster rating will be higher.

Most pearls have some slight irregularities; this comes with anything made in nature, if a pearl is perfectly clean you will have a very rare find. The less blemishes or imperfections that can be seen by the naked eye, the more expensive the peal will be.

Usually, if a pearl is larger than normal, it will be worth a lot more. However, the luster, color and surface of the pearl will also change the cost as well. Normally a small pearl will be around 3mm, while the largest will be around 10mm.

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater Pearls

The shape of a pearl is also very important when grading them. Round pearls are the most sought after, while some people like to collect the oddly shaped pearls for fun. South Sea pearls, Tahitian, and Akoya pearls are normally round or shaped like a tear drop (Baroque). Most freshwater pearls are round, nearly round, coin, flat, oval, cross shaped, rice or button shaped.

Since the variety of colors can range very widely, some with overtones and some without; no two pearls are exactly the same. It takes a special expert to be able to match pearls together to make sure that they will look good together on a necklace, bracelet, ring or even a set of earrings.

Designer Pearls In Shell

Designer Pearls In Shell

You can find pearls for rather inexpensive, but a nice set of pearls might cost you over $1000 or more. Making sure that you work with a dealer who is legitimate and only sells real pearls is important. Since pearls are so widely sought after, there are many jewelers out there who might try to sell you fake pearls that look just like the real thing. Ensure you check all sides of the pearl to make sure there is no molding or casing marks as well as have them appraised before making a large purchase.

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