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Choosing the Right Gemstone Jewelry

Choosing the perfect gemstone depends on what your loved one likes. If you are searching for someone you don’t know well, you will probably do best by getting them their birthstone as a gift. A birthstone can easily be found by searching for the person’s birthday month. Below you will find a list of each month’s birthstone, some acceptable variations as well as the qualities in a person that would make that gemstone the perfect gift:

January- A person who wears the Garnet (red) stone or was born in the month of January should have qualities such as prosperity, strength, perseverance and health. Another option is Rose Quartz (pink) which can be thought of as forgiveness and emotional balance.

February- Those born in the month of February or those who show signs of wisdom, sobriety, security or spirituality would best be modeled with an Amethyst (purple). Relaxation and comfort might be best shown as an Onyx (black or white).

Loose Gemstones

Loose Gemstones

March- If the person you are purchasing a gift for was born in March or shows great honesty, beauty, happiness or loyalty or all of these qualities, Aquamarine (ocean blue) is a great choice for them. Bloodstone (green with reddish hues) is also acceptable for the month of March and it represents endurance.

April- Those born in April are considered as pure, invincible, have clarity or a symbol of eternal love, to show this you would purchase Diamond (white/clear) jewelry. Another variation for April is Rock Crystal or Quartz (both also white/clear) which represents balance, energy and clarity.

May- For the month of May you might consider a gift of Emerald (green) which represents patience, foresight and understanding; another choice for May might be Chrysoprase (green) which is a sign of fertility or secrecy.

June- There are three different choices for the month of June. Alexandrite (varies from red to green) for balance, joy and confidence. Moonstone (colorless) for balance, tender passion or good fortune. Finally Pearl (white or any other pearl color) for purity, beauty, modesty or happiness.

Gemstone Jewelry Examples

Gemstone Jewelry Examples

July- Ruby (red) is for integrity, passion, love, success and promise and Carnelian (red-orange, orange or yellow) for safety and luck, give this gift for those who are born in the month of July or those who have these qualities!

August- A gift for someone born in August or even for a wedding anniversary in August, you might choose the birthstone Peridot (iron or mineral color) for protection, success, fame and dignity; Sardonyx (yellow-brown and white striped) which represents security and relaxation.

September- The Sapphire (dark blue or sky blue) is the perfect gift for a September born person or for a gift during this month for someone who represents truth, commitment, loyalty and sincerity. Another choice for those who show signs of understanding or protection, you might choose the Lapis (deep blue, but very rare).

Gemstone, Gold and Diamond Ring by Artur Scholl

Gemstone, Gold and Diamond Ring by Artur Scholl

October- If you have a loved one who shows the qualities faith, confidence or hope you just might choose the Opal (multi-colored) and those who show signs of balance, safety and endurance might consider purchasing jewelry with the Tourmaline (dark, sometimes black) gemstone; this gemstone is also given as the traditional 8th anniversary gift.

November- For November you should choose the Topaz (yellow) for strength, courage and wisdom; Citrine (yellow or smoky) can be given to those who represent hope, youth, health, cheerfulness or fidelity.

December- Those who are born in December often show signs of understanding and contentment, for this you might choose the Tanzanite (blue-lavender). You might also choose Zircon (normally clear but can be any color) to represent honor, wealth and wisdom; or you might even choose Turquoise (blue-teal) for new possibilities or happiness.

Popular Gemstones by Month

Popular Gemstones by Month

As you can see, not every person born in a month might show signs of their personality .You can choose any of these birthstones for the person you love or the person you hardly know by choosing by their birth month or by the characteristics that relate to them.

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