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Walnut Bangle by Jewelry Designer Scheffel-Schmuck

Our jewelry doesn’t just look elegant, but is also functionally elaborate. One attribute of the Collection is the change-ability and variability of the earrings. Due to a special bayonet mechanism you are able to exchange the bottom parts of your earrings and adapt them to your current look. The colliers also have this type of mechanism, so that you are able to exchange the middle part or combine the necklace with another. The three parts of the rings are screwed together in a way so that you can adapt the width of the ring or exchange the wood bar at any time. An almost invisible joint in the center enables the turning of one of the bracelet halves.

Scheffel-Schmuck stands for the perfection of jewelry.

Grained Walnut With Smoky Quartz In Red Gold

Grained Walnut With Smoky Quartz In Red Gold

(Juglans regia)

The wood of the nut tree shaped the style of furniture for entire eras, like the Baroque and the Biedermeier. Nut trees are resident in central and south Europe.

Because of its decorative and unique grain the nut tree is favorably used for high-quality armatures in the automotive industry.

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