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Ruby and Black Diamond Bracelet by Jewelry Designer Paolo Piovan Gioielli

For more than thirty years in the heart of Padua, Paolo Piovan has been materialising the dreams and ambitions of an elite clientele from all over the world. The company has developed over time but has maintained unchanged the attributes that have always been its strong points: the care and attention in planning and production required to make very piece of jewellery a small work of art.

Ruby and Black Diamond Bracelet by Paolo Piovan

Ruby and Black Diamond Bracelet by Paolo Piovan

Paolo Piovan personally follows each phase of production. His ideas are transformed through the meticulous implementation that gives life and form to creativity. The peculiarity of a stone is often a source of inspiration for Paolo Piovan. He perceives trends with a refined, classic and, at the same time, surprising taste. The cut of an emerald or the light of a ruby suggest unexpected lines.

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