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Scheffel-Schmuck Jewelry Designer

Scheffel-Schmuck is a family business, which has dedicated itself for over 30 years to the production of high-quality jewelry. In the last years we have searched for possibilities to arrange and create high-quality jewelry using the material wood.

Maplewood Pendant With Green Amethyst and White Gold

Maplewood Pendant With Green Amethyst and White Gold


Maples are at home in the moderate zones of Europe, Asia and North America. The deciduous trees can grow as old as 500 years.

The hard wood is of yellowish white color and is one of the most valuable among the noble hardwood lumbers. Because of its outstanding sound characteristics the wood of the maple is desired among the Violin builders.

A challenge within this concept was, creating and becoming an even form from an uneven initial shape, which results from working with natural resources like wood. We have created a technique, which guaranties a high-quality for our jewelry. Our noble wood is prepared with the most modern CNC technique. This way we can achieve the best accuracy of fit and perfect symmetry.

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