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Paolo Piovan Gioielli Jewelry Designer

Paolo Piovan founded his company in the heart of Padua three decades ago and now works side by side with his wife, daughter and son-in-law. He and his wife oversee the retail shop, located on the elegant Piazza Garibaldi, with their offices and factory located upstairs.

Daughter Annalisa, a graduate gemologist responsible for the selection and purchase of Piovan’s exquisite gemstones, has demonstrated a strong flair for design. Some of Piovan’s newest collections have been her creations. Her husband Davide Rinaldo handles customer service within the company.

Dragon Pendant by Paolo Piovan

Dragon Pendant by Paolo Piovan

Recipient of numerous design awards, Piovan’s most recent honor included the Tahitian Pearl Trophy for an ensemble using varied tones and sizes of Tahitian pearls accented with stars, moons and planets of gold and diamonds.

Always influenced by the beauty of nature, Piovan’s signature pieces include flowers, frogs, fish and birds crafted with hundreds of perfectly matched colored gemstones accented by diamonds. The choice of gemstones ranges from grape-like clusters of amber to multicolored sapphires to bold colored diamonds.

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