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Diamond Pendant by Jewelry Designer Zela

Summer has always been a muse to the artist creates masterpiece full of poetic art. In summer 2011, the craftsmen of Zela offers a serene and the music suddenly flying festival in boisterous song of the summer with new jewelry BST. Collection of material taken to the summer sun, summer rain as an inspiration to blow into the soul that poetry and new, sweet and romantic but also filled with “summer.” BST is prominent in the Amuse – masterpieces of art to manipulate the image peak sun shines bright shine.

Diamond Pendant by Zela

Diamond Pendant by Zela

Zela prominent left line of diamond import quota and accredited by the prestigious agency in the world with global values ​​such as GIA, IGI. With the prominent activities such as manipulating the Crown for the $ 1 billion contest HHTGNV 2010, manipulate display Vietnamese gold crown shirt abreast with the ocean and was honored in the Guinness book of gold. Zela has confirmed his name and his position on the luxury jewelry market Vietnam, with 15 systems in the luxury stores nationwide, has become the first choice for women who love interested in fashion, beauty and passion of the diamond.

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