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Diamond Cross by Jewelry Designer Zoccai

Every model can be customised, choosing the colour of the gold, the type of stone, its shape and dimensions. And it’s not just a virtual game. When you have finished creating your jewel, the company will give life to the idea, and the person who created it will also have the possibility to try it on, by applying to his or her nearest sales outlet – and only at that point will they decide whether to purchase it.

Diamond Cross by Zoccai

Diamond Cross by Zoccai

“It’s a new way to be close to the customer – explained Gino Zoccai, who has always been attentive to new markets – to understand the tastes of customers and interpret them with our style and, at the same time, bring new customers to our sales outlets”.

The process has already been kicked off with the Zoccai Style Corners – there are already a hundred or so jewellers where Zoccai directly manages their exhibit space, dealing not only with preparation of the showcases, but also management of the warehouse, and the objective is to reach 150 by the end of the year. This reality is already present at the airports of Venice, Rome, Nice and Cannes, in various localities in Europe, the Eastern countries and the Persian Gulf, from Paris to Warsaw, from Dublin to Dubai, from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, without forgetting the cult tourist localities, such as Montecarlo, Capri, Positano and cities like Rome, Milan and Florence.

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