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Diamond Heart Earrings by Jewelry Designer Zoccai

Stones are still the protagonists of the 2011 Zoccai collection. A vibrant concentration of energy that recounts centuries of history, becoming an emotion to wear. Worn with a touch of audacity, which makes them fashionable, yet capable of expressing a timeless elegance, fragmented stories handed down through history.

Black Diamond Heart Earrings by Zoccai

Black Diamond Heart Earrings by Zoccai

Creations bearing the Zoccai signature are art to be worn, precious strings where gold becomes the cement for the harmony of light stolen from the universe. But the new Zoccai proposals also change the way stones are interpreted: opaque, irregular and irresistible, in unusual shapes. No one of them is the same as any other. Likewise, the jewels that anyone can create for themselves on the web can become unique, by clicking on the website www.zoccai.com, thanks to the new opportunity offered by the company, a preview of which will be presented at the Basel Trade Fair.

To learn more about these earrings, visit Zoccai.