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Laiseca & Ferragut Jewelry Designer

Founded in 2010, our fine jewellery firm, Laiseca & Ferragut, sprang from a combination of Cristina’s fantasy and imagination and my entrepreneurial drive.

When I’m creating my pieces of jewellery I get totally involved emotionally. It’s the only way I can aspire to rouse a beat in somebody’s heart.

Jade Ring Mosaic - Green Soda Collection

Jade Ring Mosaic - Green Soda Collection

I draw inspiration from shapes, symbols and colors from the worlds of art and fashion, and from the traditional designs of jeweler craftsmen.

I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands, with a craftsman’s love and care, paying attention down to the very last detail, striving for a final result with impeccable quality finish.

Website: Laiseca & Ferragut