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Georg Lauer Jewelry Designer

In 1895, Georg Lauer founds a “crayon factory” in Pforzheim producing exquisite gold and silver writing utensils as well as precious metal clips for bank notes and key rings. When he had passed away his sons Alfred and Otto Lauer took over the company management and extended the product range by watches and luxury articles like perfume flacons, bags and belts. The first pieces of gold jewellery are being produced in 1928. The company Georg Lauer is constantly growing and, beginning of the fifties already, more than half of its turnover is being made in export markets.

Georg Lauer - Fine Jewellery Since 1895

Georg Lauer - Fine Jewellery Since 1895

In 1950, the grandchildren of the founder, Georg and Bernhard, take over the company and finally concentrate on the production of luxurious jewellery collections. Encouraged by the success with their collection they invest in the creation of a brand and, in 1970, the brand Laudier of Geneva is being introduced. The participation of new investors in the Georg Lauer GmbH secures further marketing activities and helps winning additional market shares.

In 1995, the company Georg Lauer celebrated its 100 years’ anniversary. With the name of Laudier it belongs to the most renowned jewellery brands in Germany and worldwide. In the following years, the brands of Paula and Atelier are being launched.In 2005, the portfolio (Laudier and GeorgLauer) is being completed by the company brand GeorgLauer and the collections are being created new.

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