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Giovanni Ferraris Jewelry Designer

Behind every creation signed by Giovanni Ferraris, there are the brain and the heart, that is, the latest technology applied to the artisanal handcraft, without letting the robotization taking over on the “hand-made”. Giovanni Ferraris is still convinced that having a complete internal production allows him to find new solutions and to keep the high quality level of design his customers expect. In this way, i.e., producing at the top level of the “made in Italy” label and offering an excellent pre- and post sale service, even the most demanding customer can only acknowledge the high value of Giovanni Ferraris jewellery and watches.

Gold Gemstone Ring by Giovanni Ferraris

Gold Gemstone Ring by Giovanni Ferraris

Giovanni Ferraris is a world renowned jewelry artisan of the following goods:
bracelets, brooches, childrens jewelry, cuff-links, earrings, hand-made chains, necklaces, pendants, pins, rings, sets and watches.

Website: Giovanni Ferraris