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The Odette Collection by Jewelry Designer Damaso Martinez

If one Spanish company could be said to conjure up the luxury of fine jewellery, then it is Dámaso Martínez. Founded in 1970 by family patriarch, Dámaso Martínez, and with its head office in the city of Bilbao, the company is known for the sophisticated creations it makes from exquisite pieces of jewellery, in keeping with a long tradition of master jewellers.

Specialists in gold, which is inset with precious and semiprecious stones, Dámaso Martínez’s collections are divided up into the Etruria, Kibanda, Odette, Selenio and Versus lines.

Gold and Diamond Earrings From The Odette Collection

Gold and Diamond Earrings From The Odette Collection

In the nineties, the company’s heirs Mónica, Alberto and Ainhoa came on board and global expansion began when Dámaso Martínez took part in the prestigious Basel exhibition for the first time. The year 2000 marked the start of the brand’s American adventure, and it became a regular at JCK Las Vegas and also its bid for the European market through the Vicenza in Italy and the millionaires show in Moscow aimed at end customers.

The sparkle of diamonds and precious gems has been winning over clients around the world for more than 20 years and the brand is sold at prestigious international jewellery chains in countries like the US, Canada, United Arab Emirates, England, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Turkey and Greece, which are the main markets for this family firm.

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