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Tamara Comolli Jewelry Designer

Tamara Comolli designs jewelry that reflects her casual, chic style. Here, the designer reveals her personal style, inspiration, and her definition of luxury.

Describe your Collection?
Casual luxury.

Who is your client?
Stylish, confident, international women of all ages.

What is your source of inspiration?
Travel, nature, and fashion.

Favorite gemstone?
I adore sapphires in all colors from pale pink to deep green and bright orange.

Do you have any jewelry dislikes?
I stay away from matching jewelry sets; I prefer the more sophisticated look of combining different pieces to create an individualized style.

Tamara Comolli Pendants

Tamara Comolli Pendants

What is your most precious jewel?
My son, Timothy.

Why do you show precious jewels on leather cords?
It’s a great way to layer pendants in more relaxed, everyday style, and it’s the ultimate in casual luxury.

What is new in jewelry?
Rose gold is warm, subtle, and fresh, and it enhances all skin tones.

Are pearls fashionable?
It depends how they are worn; I create stylish, sensuous and even playful pearl designs by using large, shapely South Sea and Tahitian varieties.

Tamara Comolli Jewelry

Tamara Comolli Jewelry

What is a luxurious indulgence?
A client purchased several of my Flamenco bracelets in different color stories; she wanted colorful options for her wardrobe and moods.

What is the least expensive jewel with sex appeal?
My simple, voluptuous gold drop on a leather cord that rests in the curve of the neck.

What makes your jewelry a luxury?
It’s not the carat weight of a gemstone; it’s the exceptional quality of the stones, the craftsmanship, the design integrity, and the way the jewelry feels against your skin.

How does jewelry make you feel?
Jewelry is the way I express my individuality, my love of color, form, and style.

Favorite outfit?
I’m most comfortable in my jeans, sandals, and a large colorful ring that adds a touch of simple luxury.

Favorite food?
Homemade spaghetti with freshly made tomato sauce.

Best place to retire?
A beautiful beach.

A recent accomplishment?
Winning the De Beers Design award with our “forbidden paradise” leaf.

What was a significant step in establishing your brand?
Opening my first TAMARA COMOLLI Boutique In the Hamptons In the USA! It was my dream to finally present all creations In the perfect environment!

Website: Tamara Comolli