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Earrings from the Renaissance Collection by Jewelry Designer Brumani

Earrings in white gold with white diamonds, green amethyst, blue topaz and green tourmaline.

Diamond Earrings By Brumani

Diamond Earrings By Brumani

BRUMANI. Revealing Jewels
Breathing the air of its time, BRUMANI reaffirms the concept from which it was created, that of transmitting through its design with movement and an unusual combination of colored gems, all the Brazilian liveliness, spontaneity and joy.

With a practical approach of the relation fashion versus style, BRUMANI jewels are fit for the different moments of the contemporary woman’s life: they dictate the evolution of a free, dynamic and everyday style, whit the certainty that fashion is a pure connection with savoir-vivre. It is freedom without being volatile and ephemeral, and at the same time, full of old symbols, in which imagination becomes fundamental for the creation of new.

In every BRUMANI piece, the novelties are found in the perception and the refinement of details, with the accuracy and investment of time in the gaze of those who desire.
On the other hand, the art of creating and manufacturing jewels reveals with the details, the technical precision, know-how and tradition, as well as the grandeur of connecting past, present and future, accomplishing the maxim that “jewels are forever”!

The “forever” is also extended to the modern woman’s desire of breaking paradigms and reformulating rules. Imagination appears as a key element to give rhythm and balance to this process, and thus rejuvenate old symbols, like gems that are eternal in seduction, and in the desire that lies in the eyes.

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