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Grimoldi Milano Jewelry Designer

Grimoldi is a family business of creation in the true sense. Anselmo Grimoldi is a master goldsmith and the founder, bought his first shop in 1964, after a ten year apprenticeship under the master jewelry designer Romolo Grassi. The shop, which sells and modifies antique timepieces, became Anselmo’s passion. To date there are three shops, all in the heart of Milan’s fabled shopping district, on Corso Venezia, at Via Manzoni, and in the Piazza Duomo.

Diamond and Gold Love Ring By Grimoldi

Diamond and Gold Love Ring By Grimoldi

Rosanna, Anselmo’s wife and his four children are integral to the success of the Grimoldi name. Roberto the oldest son is the technical expert for the Grimoldi business who mastered his trade at the prestigious La Chaux de Fondes in Switzerland. A true authority, he is often published in the trades. Pamela, the only daughter is the controller of the business and maintains the book. She also spends much of her time selling and often contributes to the design ideas for jewelry. Giorgio, like his father, is a designer by education and the creative force behind Grimoldi Milano brand. With his knowledge of watches and his passion for design, it is no wonder that Giorgio’s first foray into mass design would be luxurious watches and jewels. Cesare, the youngest manages much of the business and does most of the buying. He travels to all the trade shows and keeps up with the latest trends.

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