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Scott Kay Jewelry Designer

A fresh luxury frontier. A virtual window that opens up into the jewellry world and welcomes prêt-a-porter pieces as fine, artistic jewellry that can be bought online. Now widespread throughout the USA, so much so that many brands chose this way of selling, extremely innovative considering the normally reserved approach in the buying of a valuable piece like a jewel. What’s the main strength of the online sale? It’s convenient for the client and provides visibility for the designer >> answers Scott Kay, CEO and artisan of the American Scott Kay brand, that three years ago launched a sales project on the Saks website. Working with Saks has widened our horizons where sales are concerned. Saks delivers to 91 countries so our clientele has grown considerably and it has now permitted our clients to buy at more reasonable prices from any continent. The feedback? Decidedly very positive. The idea is to strengthen the concept of singleness in style and to present jewels that always transmit a strong sense of character and identity.

Weave Bracelet With Pave Diamonds

Weave Bracelet With Pave Diamonds

Whether in the bridal sector or the fashion one, Scott Kay always enjoys a great satisfaction from their collections. The online pieces for bridal are strongly spiritual. In fact each jewel evokes “faith” and is inspired by and taken from religious Biblical scenes. I think my style of jewellry could be defined as a handcrafted one with a strong sculptural expression – he continues – I’ve contributed in making the jewellry industry grow from a mere economic one to a purer plateau, that of “the industry of art.” Because of my deepest wish is to make sure that the jewellry sector maintains its sense of soul and the artistic purity that is fundamental to the development of the craft. What is the added value of the Saks online window? Any kind of exposure guaranteed by a prestigious window such as Saks, offers visitors to the site a chance to discover a brand as original as Scott Kay.

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