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Kimberly Baker Jewelry Designer

Kimberly Baker learned to revere jewelry and the act of adornment from an early age. As a child, her mother’s jewelry box was set up as an altar amid meditation chimes, statues of the Buddha and incense, no delineation between ornaments of worship and those of embellishment. Watching her mom get dressed was seen as a ritual, jewelry and perfume an integral part of every morning.

Having taken some formative classes she is mainly self-taught, and her designs reflect this. Less encumbered by the rules of design and the strictures of trend, Kimberly creates pieces that are unique and timeless, future heirlooms to be passed on.

Chief Ring

Chief Ring

Travel is and has been the main educator in Kimberly’s life, and her aesthetic is greatly influenced by her journeys. She has a unique ability to envision a finished design by that which inspires her: the architecture of Barcelona, the iconography in a Oaxacan cathedral, the ritual of a Tea ceremony in Japan, to a fossil found on the beach in her home town of Seattle.

Kimberly translates that which stirs her imagination into objects of beauty, and although these inspirations often come from the past, her design sense and collections are always contemporary and relevant.

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