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Tasaki Jewelry Designer

Tasaki celebrated its 50th anniversary in January 2004. They continue to provide the most attractive jewelry under the slogan of “A sparkling 50 years together with you.” They also live up to the motto “Without dreams, nothing can be realized.” by opening up new worlds of jewlry for theri customers whose confidence in their company is worth the world to Tasaki.

The elegant jewelry of Tasaki showcases natural color Armani gold cultured pearls and other fine metals, gems and stones. These jewels are cultivated and carefully nurtured exclusively by Tasaki in the Amami Islands off the southernmost part of Japan and in design studios worldwide.

After designing his first collection in 2004, designer Thakoon Panichgul has come a long way and enjoys a select clientele including America’s first lady, Natalie Portman, style icon Sarah Jessica Parker or the beautiful Demi Moore.

Recently named Tasaki’s new creative director, Thakoon is now ready to conquer a brand new territory, with the little help of some precious stones. “I really wanted to just go back to the DNA of what Tasaki’s about, which is beautiful pearls, beautiful materials and beautiful diamonds,” Thakoon declared in an interview, and so he did.

Tasaki Diamond and Gold Ring

Tasaki Diamond and Gold Ring

We are moving towards the end of the age when people judge goods and services by value criteria like “it is a good product because everybody says so” or “it must be a good product because everybody has one.”

Since its founding, the Company has always provided customers only with products made exclusively from high quality materials and using delicate processing technology.

From now on too, everybody at the Company is going to work together to evolve our corporate tradition further and strive for the improvement of corporate value while valuing that obsession with quality.

You can bank on the growth of Tasaki Shinju.

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