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Alberto Bossi Jewelry Designer

Alberto Bossi was born in a rural area of northern Italy. The natural landscape and the simple focus on quality of life has always served as a primary source of inspiration for his life and work.

His passion for beauty and his innate curiosity, which were evident at an early age, naturally led him to the arts and he began his journey as a jeweler while still in his teens.

Schooled in the traditional manner as apprentice first, Mr. Bossi thoughtfully and patiently acquired the knowledge and skill to become a master jeweler. No short cuts, no copying of designs but rather his work pays homage to his background and master training.

His work to this day retains the values of what is important to him: Nature, focus on quality and a reverence to tradition. Having worked for important jewelry makers in both Europe and the USA, Mr. Bossi is now pleased to design, create and represent his work through his own company.

Alberto Bossi Capri Collection

Earrings By Jewelry Designer Alberto Bossi

Alberto Bossi’s designs are a unique investigation of decorative sensibilities and time-honored, old-world craftsmanship.

The beauty and precision become apparent the moment you wear it, and yet not casually obvious… The details tell the story: Curving lines, the bold investigation of non rigorous geometric shapes, the combinations of unique stones and the heritage of gold and silver.

This craftsmanship is a discrete and timeless story telling how jewelry is an expression of a woman’s story.

Vivi Nel Momento

To Always Live In The Moment

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