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Jeff Cooper Jewelry Designer

Jeff Cooper is a classic bridal designer with a contemporary flair.

In 1976, after honing his craft with his hands at a jeweler’s bench in Manhattan’s Bowery district, Jeff Cooper founded Jeff Cooper Designs. Working in Platinum, Gold and Diamonds, Jeff’s designs are clean, elegant and simple, leaving nowhere for ppor quality metal or poor setting work to hide. He abides by this design philosophy, maintaining the classic yet stunning look in his work that is indicative of Jeff Cooper items.


Jeff Cooper Jewelry Designer

In 2000, Jeff’s eldest son, David Cooper, joined the company full time, bringing with him a wealth of gemological and creativity. David’s design work has steadily been adding to the new creations by Jeff Cooper, from the Nikole Collection to the new Duet Collection.

An award winning team and powerhouse, Jeff and David believe in quality and service, and that jewelry is far more than a material possession, but a symbol of th union and relationship between two people. This importance and relevance is why every single ring is made 100% by hand in Jeff’s Long Island workshop.

By creating each ring by hand and under one roof in the USA, Jeff and David have total control over quality and precision, and are able to create anything a client desires. Every ring tells a story, every ring is individual, and every client is important. This is the emphasis that Jeff and David put on every task they take on. Jeff and David draw their inspiration from their daily lives, their love of family, passion for style and fashion, as well as the excitement they understand can be achieved with the right ring for the right person.

Each ring is designed and manufactured one at a time, by hand, in Long Island, New York.

Jeff is an industry leader in platinum designer bridal jewelry. Recognized for his unparalleled classically elegant designs. Jeff Cooper designs are for today’s brides and grooms, who want something unique but timeless.

Jeff Cooper said it best when he was quoted “Platinum Makes It Perfect”, Jeff Cooper designs bridal jewelry for today’s men and women who have an eye for quality, proportion, symmetry and understated elegance. Jeff’s designs are sold nationwide at top retailers.

The Jeff Cooper Heirloom collection brings the influences of the past together with the styles of today to form one of his most popular collections. Truly worthy of its name, the Heirloom collection has become the standard of elegance for the modern bride.

Website: www.jeffcooperdesigns.com.