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Diamond and Precious Stone Rings by Yossi Harari, 24KT Gold

In fashion couture, jewelry designer Yossi Harari is every bit of a modern-day legend.  Born in Israel, Harari began his love of diamonds and gold at a very young age.  He took part in re-designing his mother’s engagement ring and magically, a career was born.  After beginning his company in Tel Aviv, Yossi was eagerly brought onto the New York fashion scene.  Today, his pure gold designs glimmer with gems and are seen on the most famous women in Hollywood.

Yossi Harari Janie black onyx and pave diamond ring, 24kt gold and oxidized gilver

Janie black onyx and pave diamond ring, 24kt gold and oxidized gilver

Included in Yossi’s famous designs are collections of mosaic rings, presented in 24-carat gold and “gilver” (gold and silver alloy), each featuring glowing accents of clear and purple diamonds, onyx and multicolored gems.  Every breathtaking design is slightly different from the next, constructed through ancient processes that employ unforgettable shapes and a finish that is truly unique.

roxanne ring diamonds yossi harari

Mosaic-style ring in blue sapphire and oxidized gilver from the Roxanne collection.

Cover photo: Over 120 carats of stones, the Wild Rose Ring won Yossi Harari first place in Haute Couture at the 2009 Couture Las Vegas presentation.  The ring includes precious gems fire opal, cognac diamonds, sapphires and and emeralds.