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Petite Rose d’Amour Ring by Jewelry Designer Mauboussin

Soft and sensuous like her beloved nude skin and Appeased and blissful as you feel next to it.

Petite Rose d’Amour,

This cushion shaped rose quartz ring is a symbol of the joy Of simply, tenderly, feeling the one you love next to you.

Petite Rose d'Amour Ring by Jewelry Designer Mauboussin

Petite Rose d'Amour Ring by Jewelry Designer Mauboussin

Mauboussin Boutiques:

In New York, the Mauboussin boutique uses the concept of jewelry / art gallery and displays high-end pieces close to more contemporary creations. This 3 story high store is a Temple of Emotions.

Aki Kuroda, the Japanese artist from the Maeght Foundation, entirely decorated the boutique on Champs Elysees. The walls are intensely colorful and the showcases stand on white Caryatids that pay homage to Matisse.

For the Tokyo store, Mauboussin reached out to Aki Kuroda once more. His vivid colors recall all the creativity and innovations he presented for the Champs Elysees boutique.

In Singapore, the ever modern city, the boutique welcomes customers in a warm atmosphere of feathers and eggplant overtones.

To learn more about the jewelry boutiques and rings, visit Mauboussin.