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1 of a Kind Turquoise Mosaic Gold Ring by Jewelry Designer Dian Malouf

The Dian Malouf Turquoise Mosaic w/14k Gold Ring is a one of a kind.

As a child, Dian Malouf collected pretty stones in gravel pits. Since then, her artistic expression has blossomed in her collections and jewelry designs.

Turquoise Mosaic Gold Ring By Dian Malouf

Turquoise Mosaic Gold Ring By Dian Malouf

Before she discovered her penchant for jewelry design, Dian Malouf travelled 40,000 miles and spent ten years researching, interviewing and photographing the reclusive Texas ranchers for her first book, The Cattle Kings of Texas, now a collector’s piece. While working from her 175-year old adobe home in Santa Fe, New Mexico to complete the book, Dian began searching the area for a silver ring of significance. When she couldn’t find one to her liking, she decided to design her own. And so the jewelry business began.

Dian designs signature, one-of-a-kind pieces featuring unique stones and artifacts. Bold and powerful, they have a distinctive Malouf style. Celebrities such as Cher, Elton John and Linda Ronstadt are among those who have taken a liking to the Dian Malouf line.

Malouf is a native of South Texas Brush Country near the Mexican border. She shares time between her homes in Dallas and Santa Fe with her husband Don. She is also the mother of four children. Dian continues to create original jewelry designs.

To learn more about her handmade custom rings, visit Dian Malouf.