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Beginner’s Guide to Vintage Jewelry and Collecting Vintage Jewelry

There is a lot to learn about vintage jewelry before you make a purchase, or even start collecting these pieces. To be classified as vintage jewelry, it needs to be decades or even eras old. Throughout these decades, there were many different styles of jewelry in the vintage periods. Here are some of the more popular eras of vintage jewelry.

The Georgian jewelry era is one of the most rare to find. This period was from 1714-1837. All of the jewelry was hand made from this period, which is why it is so difficult to find vintage jewelry from this era. This type of jewelry often had precious stones in their pieces.

Antique Victorian Jewelry - Tiger Claw Necklace

Antique Victorian Jewelry - Tiger Claw Necklace

The early Victorian period was from 1837-1855, which was known for its romantic jewelry. It features nature-made and inspired pieces. These pieces were very intricate, and some were even etched with gold. Some of the more popular pieces from this era include lockets and brooches.

The mid-Victorian period was from around 1856-1880. These vintage jewelry pieces feature solemn pieces, because it was about the time of Queen Victoria’s husband. It was known as the jewelry for mourning. You can find heavy stones from this period, such as onyx, amethyst and garnet.

The late Victorian period was from 1885-1900. They used much brighter gems in their vintage jewelry, such as diamonds, peridot and sapphire. Hat pins were quite popular during this era. There are some people that believe this period ended earlier, and the next era, arts and crafts, started sooner.

The arts and crafts jewelry era was from 1894- 1923. This was during the industrial revolution. There are many intricate and handmade pieces from this era. You can find many uncut stones that were quite colorful in this vintage jewelry pieces.

Art Nouveau Vintage Jewelry

Art Nouveau Vintage Jewelry

Another era of vintage jewelry is the Art Nouveau era. This was from 1895-1915. You can find many natural designs that show signs of nature, such as butterflies and flowers. This period ended around World War I. You can tell this vintage jewelry apart from others because of its curves.

The Edwardian jewelry era was from 1901-1915. When Queen Victoria died, her son Edward then became the king, which gave the birth of this era. Expensive gemstones were used in these pieces, such as diamonds, emeralds, and even rubies.

The next era of vintage jewelry was the Art Deco era. This was from 1915-1935. It originated out of Paris. It was inspired by ancient Egypt, American Indian and even Roman architecture. With the King Tut traveling exhibit, it inspired even more Egyptian jewelry.

The last era to be considered for vintage jewelry would be the retro jewelry era, from 1945-1960. This style of jewelry was inspired by Hollywood. Bracelets, watches, and even cocktail rings were quite popular. This also became the birth of the charm bracelet.

Vintage Antique Hollywood Jewelry

Vintage Antique Hollywood Jewelry

After you have determined the era of your vintage jewelry, it can be very beneficial to find out a little history about the piece or pieces you may have. There are many professional jewelers you can take your vintage jewelry to so that they can look at it, or even some antique dealers may have knowledge on the pieces you are interested in selling. They will also be able to even give you an offer on the piece, or refer you to somewhere that you can sell it.

It is important to shop around, if at all possible in your area. Some people may find it of higher value than others, therefore, getting more money for your pieces of vintage jewelry.

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