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Gioielliamo Jewelry Designer

A new brand, a young company.

A different approach of an towards the goldsmith sector and the awareness of an important tradition behind makes Gioielliamo a dynamic reality which affirms ambitious future projects.

From 1998 Gioielliamo has grown constantly assisted by experience and a profound knowledge of the market and the materials, and is now making a name for itself thanks to the high level of appreciation of its jewellery.

Earrings From The Vanita Collection by Gioielliamo

Earrings From The Vanita Collection by Gioielliamo

All collections derive from work of a team of experts which supervise the entire process of elaboration of the product, from design to production and to distribution. The formations of jewellery are born from handcrafted criteria and according to innovative methods, expressing themselves in luxury and elegance of contemporary style.

The creations of Gioielliamo are truly breath taking and something to remember and cherish.

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