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Diamond Ring from The Follie Collection by Jewelry Designer Gioielliamo

Gioielliamo, a cutting-edge jewellery brand whose very name proclaims a strong vivacity and the willingness to play with creativity, transforming into modern and stylish shapes solidifying the inspirations of the moment.

Sinuous lines and solid volumes in innovative and alluring shapes are the reinterpretation of classic gold jewelry from a modern point of view and embellished by diamonds, hard and semi-precious stones, pearls and mother-of-pearls.

The Follie Collection by Gioielliamo

The Follie Collection by Gioielliamo

The taste of retro, combined with attractive nuances and subtle elegant furnishingsssss outlines a series of intriguing Gioielliamo jewelry collections such as Vanita, Carezze, Follie, Promesse and Baci. Loaded with emotion and conceived for the glamorous woman who wants to exalt in her beauty Gioielliamo jewelery is fanciful and worn with ease.

Gioielliamo is the perfect marriage of casual grace and stunning sophistication.

To learn more about this ring or The Follie Collection, visit Gioielliamo.