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Diamond Pendant and Gold Necklace by Jewelry Designer Jorg Heinz

Jewellery Highlights

Jewellery creations by Jörg Heinz range from classical and modern ball-shaped clasps, through centerpieces for chokers and closures for brooches, to magnificent one-of-a-kind items and unconventional design creations.

All pieces of jewelry and chains are variable and freely combinable with one another. This gives their wearers a nearly infinite array of stylistic possibilities, fully in harmony with each individual’s tastes and preferences.

Here you can see a cross-section from our collections – our jewellery clasps can be worn on chains, necklaces and chokers, or individually.

Diamond and Gold Charm and Chain by Jorg Heinz

Diamond and Gold Charm and Chain by Jorg Heinz

The Function

Jörg Heinz’s jewellery-clasp system is a variable/interchangeable jewellery system. Each piece of jewelry can be easily and quickly combined and varied with every pearl, gold, platinum or gemstone necklace or chain. Steel chokers, rubber bands and leather cords complete the system. New creations, entirely in accord with the personal taste of the wearer or the occasion, can be formed from these elements.

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