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Rose Gold and Diamond Pendants by Jewelry Designer Roberto Coin

“The future belongs to those people who believe in the beauty of their own dreams.” – Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin Jewelry embodies the art of creating fine jewelry from 18-karat gold. Exuding wearable luxury, Roberto Coin’s jewelry represents the perfect combination of Italian art, design and innovative sophistication.

Rose Gold and Diamond Necklaces by Jewelry Designer Roberto Coin

Rose Gold and Diamond Necklaces by Jewelry Designer Roberto Coin

The signature trademark of the Roberto Coin collection is a small ruby, which is set somewhere on nearly every piece. According to Egyptian legend, the stone is believed to bring great happiness and luck to those who wear it upon their skin.

The Ruby

Considered “The King of Gemstones” rubies have always been surrounded by a halo of legend according them magic powers, such as the ability to give peace and promote a long life, blessed with health and happiness. In ancient times, women thought rubies promoted fertility; while Burmese warriors inserted real rubies under their skin to protect themselves from injury during battle. In 1996, Roberto Coin started signing the jewelers of the “Appassionata” Collection by setting a small ruby on their inside, in a hidden position, allowing direct skin contact.

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