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Casato Roma Jewelry Designer

Federico Gauttieri is a man who strives for perfection.

His esprit de corps bursts with imagination and creative energy which he channels into his art. Every Casato piece is a binding of souls, a meeting of minds and, above all, a special shared moment with women.

This deep emotion is rooted in history; the Gauttieri family can trace their origins back over a thousand years having taken part in the first crusades, and still today a plaque stands outside the Cesarea ruins in Israel commemorating their involvement. With such noble origins comes an innate sense of style, a sophisticated eye, and an expertise in precious metal and stones.

Ring by Casato Roma Jewelry

Ring by Casato Roma Jewelry

He has seen the world and travelled the seven seas, drawing inspiration from the world around him – from architecture, from sculpture and from Mother Nature herself. Amateur sailor, cook and painter, he interprets precious stones in his own imaginative way – never to please himself but only to satisfy women.

Take a journey with him and discover his universe – where the love of all things beautiful fills each waking hour; where creative passion is made real, where you can not only feel it, but where you can wear it.

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