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Brumani Jewelry Designer

BRUMANI. Tradition is our greatest value.
When the Reato and Brüner families immigrated from Italy and Germany to Brazil at the beginning of the 20th Century, they did not imagine how far that journey would have taken them.

The Brüner brothers – Eduardo and Emerson – the grandsons of Italian and German immigrants, were practically born in the jewelry workshop founded by their father, Antonio Carlos Brüner more than 40 years ago.

It is within this context that the BRUMANI brand was born in 2005. Having written an undeniable story of innovation in the Brazilian market, the BRUMANI brand is the result of a vision, of a wish, cultivated and shared by the Bruner brothers.

The C.R. BRÜNER Group, holder of the BRUMANI brand, has been working in the jewelry market with the utmost professionalism for the past 40 years. The Group’s dedication and tradition has leaded it to the creation and building of a brand that will widen its participation in the international market.

Topaz and Diamond Candy Bracelet by Brumani

Topaz and Diamond Candy Bracelet by Brumani

With its headquarters in the city of Pirassununga in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, the C.R. BRÜNER Group, with nearly 100 employees, has approximately 300 points of sale nationwide.

Over the years, the Brüner brothers have not only learnt how to cultivate the tradition, culture and know-how of the Europeans, but also how to appreciate the vivacity and spontaneity of the Brazilians.

In tune with its markets and clients, the BRUMANI´s directors and collaborators share the brand’s greatest mission, which is to enchant.

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