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Shell Ring By Jewelry Designer Mesi Jilly

Mesi Jilly “ibiza”
A oversized exceptional cocktail ring for fun nights out. Statement piece that compliments any outfit year
– round. A natural treasure – handmade in italy. White or pink trocus shell with silver.

Shell Ring

Shell Ring

Born in Austria, Mesi was raised in France, Italy and Chile and is now based in New York City where she designs her jewelry line. Each Mesi Jilly piece is unique and one-of-a-kind, using the finest semi precious stones, silver and gold. All shells are harvested from the sea in an environmentally conscious manner.

“My inspiration comes from the shapes and colors of ocean life. Several years ago I came across a stunning shell while walking on the beach. I picked it up…”

To learn more about these shell rings, visit Mesi Jilly.