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LK Jewelry Designer

LK Designs
LK, designed by Leetal Kalmanson, is one of the fastest growing fashion jewelry names, available in the leading boutiques and department stores around the world. All its designs are hand-made with the highest quality materials, unique Bohemian (European) crystal stones, Swarovski components, top quality leather and specially designed elements. LK’s success is attributed to its chic designs, it’s extraordinary color combinations and its revolutionary concepts including LK’s famous earrings collections, glamour bracelets and unique necklaces.

LK Color Necklace

LK Color Necklace

Leetal Kalmanson
Founder & Designer
Leetal has always been inspired by fashion and design. While studying graphic design at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Leetal decided to pursue a career as a web designer. But following a couple of years as a web instructor, she realized that her dream of combining fashion with her design skills can be fulfilled by creating her own fashion jewelry. Starting from her work studio at home, Leetal has been able to turn LK into a true success story with its designs sold all over the globe.

Website: LK Jewelry