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Collections By Jewelry Designer Sara Blaine

Searching for quality jewelry that was colorful and smart, yet affordable, Sara Blaine decided to design her own pieces to match her unique sense of style. Her effort blossomed into a designer jewelry line that gives all women the ideal accessories to create their own signature look. To Sara Blaine, jewelry is not just an accessory, but a statement. In selecting color gemstones for her jewelry, Sara travels to Thailand and India to source the best material. She uses striking natural colored stones and lustrous freshwater pearls blended with detailed 18 Kt. Gold and/or Sterling Silver. Her pieces are handcrafted in Bali by skilled artisans in tune with her vision.

Sara Blaine Rings "The Signature Lace" Collectio

Sara Blaine Rings The Signature Lace Collection

Best known for her “Signature Lace” Collection of swirling lacework in Sterling Silver and 22 Kt. Gold granulation detail, Sara constantly evolves her look. Other bestselling lines include the “Royal,” “Crown Jewels,” “Rhapsody” and “Aegean Scroll” Collections. “Aegean Scroll” is a two-tone line that features Citrine, Amethyst, Smokey Quartz and Blue Topaz in 18 Kt. Gold bezels enveloped in Sterling Silver that is highly detailed inside and out.

New this year is the “Shimasen” Collection, which uses old authentic Balinese coins in Silver bezel designs. The “Batik” Collection works resin, like stain glass, in hippie-chic bold colors. The “Argyle” Collection features Sterling Silver with green and black stingray. All of Sara Blaine’s designs effortlessly work together so that collectors can match pieces to create unique looks for any occasion. Sara Blaine is elegance meets color meets quality.

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